Our Clients

ELPA UGANDA LTD has several clients using its array of products. Our team members have the distinguished experience and association with different national and international organizations in different sectors. A partial list of these clients includes:

Government Entities​

From Government offices to government Ministries we do supply office materials, computers, and a wide range of other office related requirements. We do help these ministries and offices buy vehicles and other procurable equipments for you


Non Government Organizations for international operations Or local operations, hunger relief organizations should come to us for cases of food supply, purchasing of relief material to to victims and many more instances your organization needs to procure company assets and material.


Schools in need of school stationery and other scholastic materials century horse international is a way to go. We also supply computers for school offices and school laboratories and other computer related electronics like ( Keyboards, Mouse, Speakers, Projectors, Monitors and many more.


Companies under private ownership

Universities & institutions

Universities under private ownership and those under government Support

Private Companies​

Companies under private ownership

We are proud to associte with these clients: